Iowa Couplets I  - 6 pp/paper on board        150.00 

Iowa Couplets II - 18 pp /leather                   250.00

Corn images -  each                                        45.00

Carmina Zeae Mays in folio                          400.00


Iowa Couplets I

Iowa Couplets I

Binding by Jarnila Jelena Sobotova

Carmina Zeae Mays: 

     Portfolio of five sheets on which rows of calligraphically presented corn have been superimposed upon one another and overprinted in different configurations so as  to form interference patterns and overlapping rows that repeat and become fugue-like musical score. 

In Presentation Folio by Don Pike    400.00 

Iowa Couplets II - 18 pp /leather

Binding by Ladislav Hanka