Remembering Jan Sobota

Tribute to a design Bookbinder

of worldwide Stature


his friends & colleagues


Monique Lallier

Somerville N.  Carolina


                          Remembering Jan Sobota

    Tribute to a Design Bookbinder
  of Worldwide Stature

                                                                                                 by  Ladislav Hanka

                                                                                                              in design bindings 
                                                                                                  by Jarmila Jelena Sobotova 
                                                                          22 of Jan Sobota’s colleagues 

       A posthumous tribute and exhibition honoring master of design book binding,  Jan Sobota is being prepared for circulation.   This show will revolve around the hand-made book, Remembering Jan Sobota, written and printed from intaglio plates  by his friend and thirty-year collaborator in the book arts,  Ladislav Hanka.  23 copies of this book will be presented in unique design bindings with slipcases/ boxes by Sobota’s wife and colleagues – mostly members of the Guild of Book Workers, and the Design Book Binders of America, alongside several European binders.  Co-sponsored by the Rowfant Club of bibliophiles from Cleveland. 


 23 books:     approximately   10  x 13 x 6 inches each. 
Each binding is unique and comes with a slipcase or clamshell box requiring vitrines.   
Text & illustrations in 9 frames 28” high by 22” wide requiring 30 - 40  running feet .
Signage and labeling will be provided on a DVD.


   We have a commitment to exhibit at the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen  (Plzeň in Czech)  - no earlier than in 2015.   (This is Jan Sobota’s hometown and the museum that is acquiring the bulk of his work as a permanent archive).   We are organizing an exhibition schedule within North America, before shipping the work to Europe.   The only currently committed time period is June of 2014 when the collection will be exhibited in Cleveland as part of the annual meeting of the Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies. 


    Exhibiting venues will receive a crated show and be responsible for costs of one-way shipping, as well as insurance during that delivery and while the show is on their premises.  Additionally we ask that you assume responsibility for any needed storage between shows, repackaging and expediting of shipping to the next venue. 

No rental fee will be charged 

  Insurance value: 

   23 books each valued at 2,500.00 each                                                57,500.00
   9  frames containing text & illustrations; valued at 300.00 each           2,700.00
    Crating valued at                                                                                   1,300.00
   Total valuation:                                                                                    61,500.00

A contract will follow 

The entire exhibition is available for sale, but only as a whole.  It will not be broken up. 

Remembering Jan Sobota can be seen at:

 Several of the design bindings from A Tribute to Jan Sobota are already completed and can be seen at:

This exhibition will be available as of January 2014 and inquiries are encouraged. Please contact Ladislav Hanka  or any of the listed participating binders. 

Ladislav Hanka  

Listing of participating binders: 

Jarmila Jelena Sobotova      Saturday’s book arts – Loket, Czech Republic
                                                tel: +420 352 685 130
                                                    Jarmila Sobota <>

Peter Verheyen                     Philobiblon  & Syracuse University NY
                                                    Peter Verheyen <>
                                                   (315) 443-9756                                       

Don Etherington                  Bindery, Somerville North Carolina
                                                    Don Etherington <>
                                                   (336) 643-0934

Monique Lallier                    Bindery, Somerville North Carolina
                                                336 643-0934

Franklin Mowery                 Folger Library, Washington DC

Cris Takacs                            Bindery, Chardon OH
                                           Cris Takacs <>
                                                  (440)  226-9773

Harry Campbell                   Ohio State University Conservation lab
                                                   Harry Campbell <>
                                                                   (614) 292-9690

David Lawrence                  Lawrence Bindery, Irving Texas
                                                  David Lawrence <>
                                                                  (972) 986-5999

Priscilla Spitler                    Hands on Book Binding, Las Cruces New Mexico
                                                  Priscilla Spitler <>
                                           (575) 894-5701

Pamela Leutz                      The Gilded Edge & Colorado College
                                                 (719) 389-6682

Paul DelRue                         Bindery, Denbighshire, Wales, Great Britain
                                                   paul delrue <>
                                            +44 01824 707044 

Forrest  Jackson                  Rosedale rare Books, Dallas Texas  ( 214) 682-0889
                                                  Forrest Jackson <>   

Gabrielle Fox                       Bindery, Cincinatti OH
                                              (513) 304-5758
                                                  Gabrielle <>

Peter  & Donna Thomas    Gypsy Wagon Book Arts from California
                                                   Peter/Donna Thomas <>
                                                                      (831) 475-1455

Dalibor Nesnidal                   Bindery in Semtěš, Czech Republic
                                                    Dalibor Nesnídal <>
                                                     +420 353 393 965     +420 604 314 308

Paula Gourley                         Lilyhouse Editions, Eugene OR
                                                    Paula Gourley <>

Pamela Moore                       Libertino Book Arts, Manhattan New York,

Ethan Ensign                        Scrub Oak Bindery, Salt Lake City 
                                                   Ethan Ensign <>

Patty Bruce                             Bindery in Boston    MA
                                                    Patty Bruce <>
                                                              (214)  789-0198

Sean Richards                       Byzantium Studios, Norman, Oklahoma
                                                   Sean Richards <>

Donald Rash                          Boss Dog Press,  Plains PA
	                                     (570) 821-7050

Vernon Wiering                    The Binder’s Ticket & 
                                                   Vernon Wiering’s Bindery, Grand Rapids, MI
                                                   Vernon Wiering <>

Jacek Tylkowski                   Introligatornia Tylkowski, Poznan Poland 
                                                  Tel. 501.190.275   Tel. 501.307.194 

  Phillip Smith declined, due to declining health but he did volunteer to write a short piece for any publication that might attend such a show.

Don Etherington

Somerville N.  Carolina


Vernon Wiering

Batty Bruce

Boston,  Mass

Gary Frost

University of Iowa

Binding by Vernon Wiering -

                 Grand Rapids MI

Design by Ladislav Hanka-

                  Kalamazoo MI

Pamela Leutz

The Gilded Edge & Colorado College

Colorado Springs CO

Dalibor  Nesnidal

Semtěš, Česká Republika

David Lawrence

Lawrence Bindery,  Irwin,  Texas

Peter Verheyen: Philobiblon  – Syracuse University NY

Vernon Wiering ;   execution of a design by Ladislav Hanka

The Binder’s Ticket &   Vernon Wiering’s Bindery, Grand Rapids, MI

Forrest Jackson

Rosedale Rare Books

Dallas TX